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About We are PACO Collective

PACO Collective is a cross-cultural agency that empowers brands to transcend cultural boundaries in today’s “minority majority” market.


There’s something about "chilaquiles."* It’s the perfect fuel to feed the fire in your belly…they are delicious, filling, versatile and inexpensive to make. It was exactly what we lived on when we naively ventured out on our own. We had a vision to be a different kind of agency. The vision was to combine our passion for highly targeted creative and tight collaboration, while eliminating unnecessary bureaucracies and corporate bullshit. We opened our doors in 2006, at a time when many companies were shutting theirs. There were many skeptics and doubters. We didn’t listen and created a Hispanic-focused multicultural agency that genuinely related to modern-day bilingual and bicultural Latinos. And, after many, many days and nights fueled by chilaquiles and sometimes blurred by tequila, our vision began to take form. That vision became PACO.

After several years of blood, (literally from putting together desks and file cabinets), sweat, many tears and prayers, our roster of clients grew from one to two, then 4, later 8 and we’re still counting. Our clients (which are treated like "familia") recognized that PACO's work transcended cultural differences. So, we were awarded bigger and broader projects that included general market customers as well as cross-cultural audiences. PACO needed to grow. We outgrew two offices during a three-year span. We needed to find others like us, genuine people, from diverse backgrounds with the idea of creating meaningful connections through honest communication. Carefully, we added the right people; the wrong people could send PACO into a tailspin – agency culture is a big deal to us, so, a “No Asshole Rule” was instituted.**

With the market evolving into a “minority” majority, it inspired the need for a smarter, more accurate approach that goes beyond multicultural and beyond total market. Working together we embraced a new standard of cultural thinking. We call it cross-cultural marketing. An approach that allows us to create meaningful connections by understanding the unique traits of diverse cultural groups, and finding insightful ideas that transcend cultures. These insights are a cultural currency that creates bonds and relationships with consumers - in the end it’s what matters most. It’s an approach that’s deeply rooted in our diverse team, and provides us with a unique lens to view this new marketplace. It has also inspired the evolution of our name: PACO Collective.

We are now one of the fastest growing minority-owned agencies in the Midwest—from Pablo and I brainstorming and living off chilaquiles, to now having a multi-everything team of over 40 full-time employees (and growing).

Let’s talk. We invite you to a different kind of agency. The chilaquiles are on us.

-Pablo and Ozzie

*A humble, yet delicious meal of corn tortillas cut in quarters, lightly fried and served with red or green sauce.

**We apologize for this, but it’s necessary to share this truth.

Philosophy What we live by

Relevant Irreverence


There’s an ultimate sense of belonging in being different, in being irreverent with a purpose.
Diverse backgrounds create fertile ground for ideas to spring and grow.

In order to succeed, you have to be brave; you have to believe in your work and be a fearless force for change.
Change that works, resonates and empowers brands. And let’s be honest, if you succeed, we succeed.

We are nimble and flexible, and not afraid to think big. Our secret is the people. Genuine people.
An eclectic team that creates meaningful connections through honest communication, because in the end it transcends cultures.
Welcome to a different kind of agency, restless to tackle the next challenge…together.

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Not only has PACO's work been impactful for our clients, we are proud to be recognized by industry peers in many international competitions. It’s an honor to receive these awards on behalf of our clients, which serve as a perennial reminder to the “power of collaboration.”

- PACO Collective


  • 8X Telly Awards
  • 3X Hermes Awards
  • 2X Publicity Club of Chicago Golden Trumpet Awards


  • 4X PR News Agency Elite Awards
  • 1X PR News Nonprofit Awards
  • 2X Hermes Awards
  • 2X MarComm Awards
  • 2X Publicity Club of Chicago Golden Trumpet Awards


  • Chicago Latino Network - 2013 Latino Entrepreneur of the Year


  • 2X Summit Creative Awards


  • 1X Publicity Club of Chicago Golden Trumpet Awards


  • 1X Annual Pixie Award


  • 4X Communicator Awards
  • 1X Summit Creative Award

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